Monday, July 30, 2012

The Ultimate Checklist to Filter Bounces

Hard Bounces

Bounces are emails that are returned as undelivered and the most common factor that affects deliverability. To avoid this:
  • Have your lists properly filtered and get rid of any invalid email addresses
  • Reduce your bounces by correcting formatting errors like invalid addresses, domains and typos
  • Look for missing @ signs or missing domain names and fix them at the earliest. Another reason for a bounce-back is that the recipients have changed their addresses or moved to a new domain
  • Request your ESP to get you granular delivery reports to manage your lists
  • Confirm email addresses by sending welcome emails to all the recipients on the list
  • Carry out a test email campaign to identify any basic errors.
  • Bounces can purge an email address, hence set a bounce threshold for a given period of time.
  • Monitor your delivery rates by categories such as domain names, time of sending and other criteria. Track them and if you see a negative pattern in the deliverability rates, call an expert for help.
  • Make sure you update your lists timely and incorporate changes in addresses to avoid frequent bounce-backs.
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