Monday, July 30, 2012

The Ultimate Checklist to Filter Bounces

Hard Bounces

Bounces are emails that are returned as undelivered and the most common factor that affects deliverability. To avoid this:
  • Have your lists properly filtered and get rid of any invalid email addresses
  • Reduce your bounces by correcting formatting errors like invalid addresses, domains and typos
  • Look for missing @ signs or missing domain names and fix them at the earliest. Another reason for a bounce-back is that the recipients have changed their addresses or moved to a new domain
  • Request your ESP to get you granular delivery reports to manage your lists
  • Confirm email addresses by sending welcome emails to all the recipients on the list
  • Carry out a test email campaign to identify any basic errors.
  • Bounces can purge an email address, hence set a bounce threshold for a given period of time.
  • Monitor your delivery rates by categories such as domain names, time of sending and other criteria. Track them and if you see a negative pattern in the deliverability rates, call an expert for help.
  • Make sure you update your lists timely and incorporate changes in addresses to avoid frequent bounce-backs.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

9 Reasons Your Messages Might Get Blocked

Email Messages Blocked

It is a common factor that email marketing messages are hit back by the ISPs even when they were opted for by the clients. Here are 9 reasons why your email might not reach your prospect's inbox:

1.    If emails are regularly send out to invalid email addresses that would affect the reputation of the sender. This is one of the main reasons that ISPs block email messages.

2.    The other factor that affects the sender’s reputation adversely is the spam complaints from recipients and a high bounce rate.

3.    Bad email addresses are monitored by ISPs frequently to identify spammers and dishonest senders. Spammers usually use fake ids to send emails to people on a huge mailing list without taking care if they are valid or not.

4.    If any percentage of your messages goes to invalid email addresses, you have the chance of a temporary block with the ISP.

5.    ISPs block emails from marketers who tend to use poor email acquisition techniques to build their list while compromising on quality.

6.    Your email messages will also be blocked if you try to send to inactive lists in an attempt to re-engage old customers.

7.    ISPs also block messages from marketers who have changed their email service providers and have not paid due attention to effective list hygiene practices.

8.    Sometimes, the words in the subject line of the email can cause a filter to trigger and block your email.

9.    Sending emails too frequently from the same email address can also cause a trigger and result in blocking of your emails by the ISP.

Avoiding the above bloopers would ensure you smooth deliverability rates for your email. However, you must ensure that you are following honest email marketing practices to avoid being labeled as a ‘spammer’.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ListAustralia Offers Readymade Lists Tailor-made to your Business

Whether you own an advertising agency or a healthcare company, the first thing you need to start a marketing campaign is the right contact database.  Most often, marketers do not have the time and resources to engage separate resources to prepare detailed databases of consumers and organizations. Moreover, when the business requirement is a little specific or niche, readymade databases prove to be the best bet.

ListAustralia provides a variety of pre-packaged or readymade databases to help marketers like you.
ListAustralia’s readymade lists are:
•    Varied and prepared according to different industries
•    Completely verified and are updated at regular intervals
•    More than a million contacts so that you are never short on number of prospects
•    Based on various categories like organizations, industry, individuals’ details and many more
•    Ready-to-use and are delivered within 24 hrs of placing an order
Tailor made lists

You can now start a marketing campaign at any time. With our pre-packaged lists, you can target any section of the industry and consumers. Using different kinds of pre-packaged lists also lets you compare the response rates from various cross-sections of the market. You can gauge how well is your product received amongst the prospects.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ListAustralia Offers Custom-Built Lists for your Industry

A recent study shows that accurate databases can reduce marketing costs by 35%
A customized list is the right tool to help you in identifying the right prospects for your business. These B2B lists are developed by industry experts after necessary market research and validation. Such customer databases can help you identify your potential customers and their preferences and choices of products.

Why Get A Custom-built List?
Custom-built lists
 • The lists are highly authentic and compiled from reliable sources like government listings, public filings, tradeshows, conferences etc
• Each and every listing in the database is verified by our professionals through telephone and email, both
• The custom-built lists can be used for specialized marketing campaigns instead of a generalized one
• Since the lists are verified and collected from authentic sources, a very high deliverability rate is guaranteed to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.
• The quality of custom-built databases is further strengthened by segmenting the lists into various categories like occupation, location, zip code, demography and others besides the basic contact details of the customers
Now-a-days, you can also get a custom-built list based on the SIC code of the organization. An SIC code represents the industry to which your prospects belong. Such a classification is helpful for formulating niche campaigns and allows for targeted exposure for your products.

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