Friday, July 20, 2012

9 Reasons Your Messages Might Get Blocked

Email Messages Blocked

It is a common factor that email marketing messages are hit back by the ISPs even when they were opted for by the clients. Here are 9 reasons why your email might not reach your prospect's inbox:

1.    If emails are regularly send out to invalid email addresses that would affect the reputation of the sender. This is one of the main reasons that ISPs block email messages.

2.    The other factor that affects the sender’s reputation adversely is the spam complaints from recipients and a high bounce rate.

3.    Bad email addresses are monitored by ISPs frequently to identify spammers and dishonest senders. Spammers usually use fake ids to send emails to people on a huge mailing list without taking care if they are valid or not.

4.    If any percentage of your messages goes to invalid email addresses, you have the chance of a temporary block with the ISP.

5.    ISPs block emails from marketers who tend to use poor email acquisition techniques to build their list while compromising on quality.

6.    Your email messages will also be blocked if you try to send to inactive lists in an attempt to re-engage old customers.

7.    ISPs also block messages from marketers who have changed their email service providers and have not paid due attention to effective list hygiene practices.

8.    Sometimes, the words in the subject line of the email can cause a filter to trigger and block your email.

9.    Sending emails too frequently from the same email address can also cause a trigger and result in blocking of your emails by the ISP.

Avoiding the above bloopers would ensure you smooth deliverability rates for your email. However, you must ensure that you are following honest email marketing practices to avoid being labeled as a ‘spammer’.

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