Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ListAustralia Offers Readymade Lists Tailor-made to your Business

Whether you own an advertising agency or a healthcare company, the first thing you need to start a marketing campaign is the right contact database.  Most often, marketers do not have the time and resources to engage separate resources to prepare detailed databases of consumers and organizations. Moreover, when the business requirement is a little specific or niche, readymade databases prove to be the best bet.

ListAustralia provides a variety of pre-packaged or readymade databases to help marketers like you.
ListAustralia’s readymade lists are:
•    Varied and prepared according to different industries
•    Completely verified and are updated at regular intervals
•    More than a million contacts so that you are never short on number of prospects
•    Based on various categories like organizations, industry, individuals’ details and many more
•    Ready-to-use and are delivered within 24 hrs of placing an order
Tailor made lists

You can now start a marketing campaign at any time. With our pre-packaged lists, you can target any section of the industry and consumers. Using different kinds of pre-packaged lists also lets you compare the response rates from various cross-sections of the market. You can gauge how well is your product received amongst the prospects.
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