Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Australian Alternate Contact Appending Solution by ListAustralia

Australian Alternate Contact Appending Solution by ListAustraliaListAustralia can help you ensure your message reaches the right people from your targeted company through Alternate Contact Append Service.

ListAustralia’s Alternate Contact Appending Solution adds contacts to your marketing database from your chosen company or organization. All you need to do is point out the company and the job title you are looking for and an alternate for that contact will be added to your database.

What’s on the offer?
  • Ensure your message reaches at least one of the decision makers from your targeted company
  • Get accurate contact details with precise job title and contact number
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns knowing who you are targeting
  • Improve campaign responses
ListAustralia’s Alternate Contact appending service can help you increase returns from your campaigns.

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Melody Heales from ListAustralia

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