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ListAustralia is a well-known list vendor who provides lists for various marketing promotions. Years of experience in data warehousing and list delivery for marketing through email, phone, fax and post has made ListAustralia an expert consultant.

In order to share our knowledge and help our readers through various marketing challenges, ListAustralia is releasing EBooks regularly. These eBooks will be given to our readers for FREE download and can also be subscribed.

EBooks from ListAustralia are a result of extensive research and are rich with informative content. Current EBook available for no cost is “EBook on Email Deliverability”.

EBook on Email Deliverability

Crafting an email is pretty easy, right? Get some copy; add read-to-use template and hit “Send,” right? Then you are absolutely wrong!

There's more to email marketing than what meets the eye. Permission mailing list is rudimentary, but not the only thing that matters if you want your emails to reach the inboxes. This eBook showcases some simple points that can make a huge difference to your email deliverability ratio.

This eBook will answer these questions:

  • How to write a good subject line?
  • What is the best format for email?
  • What is the ideal way to design email template?
  • How can I be CAN-SPAM compliant?
  • What are the ideal days to run email campaigns?
  • What precautions do I need to take during email campaign execution?
  • How can I maintain the list quality?
And more…

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