Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 Easy Steps to Write Effective Messages

1. Write an informative and meaningful subject line
An attractive subject line determines the credibility of an email, as it is essential to make the recipient open the mail.
So, the subject line should be relevant to the content inside, at the same time has to be eye-catchy too.

2. Place the key point in the first half of the mail
Try to mention the objective of the mail in the first sentence or at least in the first few lines. One glimpse at these lines must convey the message to the reader. This would save the reader’s time as well as arouse interest to read the rest.

3. Be concise and clear
Keep the information to the point, focused and readable. By giving the message a conversational tone, it can be personalized. The language used must be simple and easy to understand. Do not forget to introduce yourself.

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