Monday, October 18, 2010

When the Director shot up his Eyebrows and Said…

Data Empowerment Solutions by List AustraliaDear Mayra,

6 weeks back, a software firm from Chicago hired List Australia to update their database. We developed a data management process to meet their specific demands. Our team of professionals used ‘Data Empowerment Solutions’ to bring 100% efficiency to their database of 2 million records. We cleansed and removed the inactive, repeated and incorrect records. Then, we went on to add correct, fresh and accurate contact records of their targeted Australian prospects. This database was to be used to create awareness about their new software version amongst their existing clients.

3 days back I got a call from Marcus (our contact from the software firm) who said, “Did you know that you ‘WOW’ed the Marketing Director?”. I said, “I didn’t know that Directors could be ‘WOW’ed” and asked Marcus to tell me more about it. Marcus said,

“Data Empowerment has surely worked or us! We saw the difference as soon as we started our campaigns. Inquiries started pouring in and sales shot up by a steep 46%, much before the quarter end. Oliver Matthew, the Director went to our marketing executive as asked, “What’s up!” The marketing executive told him, “It’s the database! Many of our customers are renewing their contracts for the new software version”. A simple probe told us that the rise in sales took place after we campaigned to the fresh Australian database. The good news is that the numbers are still rising. We have realized that the updated database is behind this success”.

The Director was ‘WOW’ed, no second thoughts about it!

If you are looking to bring out the performance out of your database, just let me know. List Australia has been handling top-notch data empowerment solutions since 2004. And the outcomes never cease to ‘WOW’ even us!

I will be very glad to talk to you about your specific challenges.

Best regards,
Melody Heales from ListAustralia

Melody Heales Sandersons

Database Consultant
List Australia
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